Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Streets outside of Rome

Streets Outside of Rome
24 x 24
Mixed Media on Canvas

Inspired by some photos I took on a trip to Italy
This street cafe was located in a small town just outside Rome.
The quaint picturesque streets were something I wanted to remember
I created this piece for our kitchen nook....
letting go of the typical traditional style italian earth tone colors
I was more interested to create something for the space that had some bold pop
Creating a loose and colorful paint strokes
not worried about realistic details I applied paint in a variety of brush sizes and
used a palette knife to be sure I couldn't control every detail.
However, I still can look down the street and can feel the same as when I was there.
We sat out on the small tables on the cobblestone street for dinner.
We looked up at the laundry hanging on the line,
the small villa at the end of the street is the
actual space where we spent the last night.
I can look at the piece and it can take me right back to
laughing with family,
eating homemade bread
while sipping a glass of the local vino.
What's better?
The sides of the gallery wrapped canvas although not shown above
is wrapped with a variety of photos I had taken on the trip
The cobblestone street is applied with the texture of torn paper with
printed lyrics of my favorite Dean Martin Song... an Evening in Roma!!
What fun!
Although not the typical realistic version, I created a fun memorable piece,
and when I look at it in my kitchen it reminds me of the great time we had on our trip!

Monday, October 10, 2011


4 X 12

This work is inspired by women of all ages
at various stages in their life
of all cultures and lifestyles.
Our journey through life and hands us daily struggles or blessings.

Sometimes we just need to pray
Sometimes we need to find faith.
Sometimes prayer is all we have.
-kristin osterman-