Sunday, March 13, 2011

Be all you are meant to be

Be all you are meant to be
4 x 12
Karen Raven quote
Mixed Media Collage

Something about creating these little collage pieces
brings me great joy.
The colors, the ideas,
the design process,
and also the thought
someone is going to receive it
and in their heart
they will feel good.

I love this quote
by Karen Raven
and have used it in another piece.
"Only as high as i reach can i grow,
Only as far as i seek can i go.
Only as deep as i look can i see,
Only as much as i dream can i be."

What is your joy?
Do you ever have that feeling or voice inside say 
"I am meant to do this".

That's what I feel when I come up with an idea
or I create a new piece of art.
I continue to learn and practice
and try new mediums.
And I may not necessarily create a masterpiece...
but deep down,
I know I'm moving in the right direction.

My wish is you find that voice inside that tells you
what your meant to do
and it is from a higher sense of spirit.

I know that my best pieces of artwork
comes from that place deep inside...
it is a driving force beyond 
my mere existence... 

I'm simply here to bring it into the world.

Hopefully you are also doing the same!

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