Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dare to Dream Big

Dare to Dream Big
4 x 12

"Only high as i reach
can i grow,
only as far as i seek
can i go,
only as deep as i look
can i see,
only as much as i dream
-Karen Ravn-
(quote included in collage)

Always seeking inspiration... i picked up the Somerset Studio
magazine... the art of paper and mixed media...
Such fabulous artists featured.
I decided to do come up with my own version.
A mix of painting, written text, papers and paint!
First I found some colorful papers and cut out shapes
Firgured out composition and design elements
Painted the canvas background colors,
added paper with medium
then added written text
and strokes of paint over paper
Framed the sides of the canvas
 with pieces of ripped paper
It's ready to hang without a frame!!!

Through the committment to this blog,
I am working and exploring mediums and techniques
I would not normally have tried.
I'm excited.
Driven by endless possiblilties,
excited to do more...
as i go!!!

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  1. So glad you've started your blog, Kristin! You are inspiring me! Anna